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No two people are the same. Your metabolism is unique, so are your circumstances, eating habits, genetics, personality, religious beliefs, experiences, career pressures, favorite foods, family dynamic, and even your microbiome (gut bacteria). Therefore I work with each one of my clients in a unique way depending on their own challenges, stories and greater goals.

Contact me to schedule a free 20 minute phone conversation to find out how we can work together. I offer:

  • Sessions- One-on-one, couples, families or groups. We can meet physically in Manhattan in my office located at 156 W. 86th St., Suite 1B, or anywhere via Skype, FaceTime or phone.

  • Corporate Wellness- Customized programs that help reduce the physical stress of unhealthy habits (diet, sleep, exercise, etc) and manage emotional stress through simple but very effective tools and techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, aromatherapy, EFT, and many more, that lead to more relaxed and therefore more efficient, energized and focused employees.

  • Programs- Cleanses, Healthy Eating, Mindful Eating, Healthy Family, Healthy Teens, Happy Microbiome, Health for Men, The Queen Years: Navigating Peri and Menopause, Emotional Eating, Behind Our Cravings, Brain Health....Stay tuned for dates and updates or ask about customized programs or talks for your event, school, or company.

  • Classes (demos + hands-on)

  •  Talks- Contact me to plan a talk for your next health event at schools, companies, associations, charities...

  • Grocery shopping tours- Learn how to buy everything you need to store your pantry with foods and products that will help you thrive. What is worth the expense? Is it just marketing? How to choose among a myriad of "healthy" products?



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