Alexandra Zohn, MA, HHC, EPC

My Training

I trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology, where I received my certification as an Eating Psychology Coach.  My work combines the powerful new fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition. The skills I use from this training are a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind-body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health.

In my unique programs and sessions with clients, I combine the tools from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating together with what I've leaned during my almost 20 years of experience working in the Nutrition, Food and Health fields. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, from where I also received a Hormone Health certification. I hold a Master's Degree in Food Studies from New York University, a Nutrition and Food Science Degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana (in my native Mexico City) and I am a professionally trained chef and cookbook author. 

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My Own Journey

Even since the first semester of my undergrad Nutrition classes I could feel there was more to diet than calories in and calories out, despite my teachers' explanations of the opposite. I experienced it in myself and how my weight and appetite changed depending on what kind of phase I was in life. Relationship breakup? I ate whole sleeves of Oreos... Having fun and stability? I didn't even think of sweets... Stressed out with school? Belly aches... On a diet trying to lose weight? Dreaming of eating breads and cakes, and pure misery! It was stronger than my will power...My thoughts, my emotions, my history. They were all involved.

I grew up in a very loving but difficult environment. When I was 6 years old, my mother was diagnosed with four cancer tumors. She was told by her doctors she had 8 months left to live. As a mother of 2 little kids, she refused to accept that as her destiny. Besides following a then cutting edge (early 80's) traditional treatment of surgery, radio and chemotherapy, she looked into diet, energy, natural, shamanic, and herbal therapies, and prayer. She lived for 28 more years. Unfortunately, it was not all health and success. One of the tumors had been in her head, damaging her brain permanently in its motor and cognitive skills and it kept deteriorating over time.   

During my late teens I started looking for solace in the sweetness of treats as I witnessed my mother becoming confined into a wheelchair and losing her memory, her capacity to communicate and to do everyday things. A difficult dance with weight, self esteem, eating habits, loneliness, dispare, anxiety and ice cream took over my life for several years; until the day I decided to make peace with food. Instead of fearing it, I learned to love it, little by little. My Master's Degree became key into this process...I became a food researcher, snob, baker and curious cook.

My relationship with food was fine during my mid 30s. However, my hormones went out of control, and the specialist offered hormone injections as the solution. When I asked the doctor why he thought my hormones were acting out, he said: "It can be due to diet, lifestyle, stress, etc..."  but he didn't offer any pointers towards working with those. I thought of my mother, and how she was not willing to accept fate without putting up a fight first. I told the doctor I'd explore if the food I ate and the choices I made in life could help before we contributed even further to the estrogen/progesterone freak show that had started in my body.  He wished me good luck and I hadn't had to go back to see him ever since (it's been 10+ years). It was now time to learn to take care of my body, doing so consciously appreciating the precious armor and vehicle it is. I became a careful listener of the feedback it gave me. I also went back to school, to focus in Holistic Health. I did lots of research and reading on my own, experimented,  and implemented many different practices, from breathing, to yoga, journaling, aromatherapy, supplementation, herbs, super foods, art, spiritual work, more cooking, and I keep finding new ones every day...

This is what has brought me here. Into a work, where I help fill in that gap between the health provider and the patient, to facilitate the exploration and implementation of different alternatives along or sometimes instead of the traditional healing techniques to support a vibrant life. 

My goal

Our symptoms and habits are messages from within ourselves, and when we learn to understand them, a dialogue between our minds and bodies begins and life becomes better. We are more than chemistry! We are spirit, soul, mind, flesh, biology, and we keep in mind that all along our work.

My goal is that we end each of our sessions with you feeling inspired and motivated.  I will personally and carefully guide you, in a way that is unique to your needs, to make simple, small changes that transform your life.